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We specialise in small business web design.

Why choose us for your small-business website?

We take a wholistic approach to web design. We don't just build websites that look stunning, they are made with UX (user experience) in mind. They perform well so that you rank highly in search engine results. Our websites come SEO (search engine optimisation) ready.

We know your business

We are a small business too, so we understand where you are coming from and what you need in a website.

No complicated code

We provide you with a easy to use interface so that you can update your website content with ease.

Cutting edge images

We connect you with high quality stock images, which you can also use in your social media posts.

About Us

About us

Providing your business with an online presence

We are experienced in guiding small businesses through the process of getting their business online.

Marketing Success

With more and more people resorting to electronic-only searches for products and services, your only option is to have a web presence.

Return on investment

Compared to traditional print media advertising, online marketing is wide reaching easily accessibly by customers, not to mention extremely affordable leading to pleasing returns on investment.

Rock Solid Code

We don't use inefficient DIY website platforms which are slow to load, and stop working frequently. Our websites are custom made to suit your requirements.

The Powerful Web Design difference

SEO Optimisation

Since we custom build our websites (rather than re-use less than ideal templates), our websites come optimised for search engines so your customers can find you.

Search Engine Submission

We submit your website to Google and Bing search engine consoles so that users can start finding your website straight away.

Social Media Sharing

Our websites come with the built in functionality of customised sharing cards for facebook/instagram and twitter. You are in full control of what users see in the site preview.

Google Analytics

We set you up a google analytics account and link it to the website so you can keep track of your website traffic, what they are doing and where it is coming from.

Responsive Design

Our websites work across all devices from smart phone, to tablets and large desktop monitors. Responsive design means that the layout changes to suit the device.

Fast Speeds

We use Australian servers and create lean, static websites so there is no delay when a user navigates to your website. We don't use CMS systems like wordpress that slow down your website and affect user retention and search engine results.

Customer Image

Betty Dawson

Office Assistant - Saint Peter's West End

Such a great business to deal with. They created a website which was exactly what we were after and for a reasonable price. They are quick to do updates and its so easy to pay for ongoing hosting and the domain name. Highly recommended.

Customer Image


Manager - Castle Craft Upholstery

They did a great job getting us set up on the internet. We aren't very tech saavy but the process was very easy and cost effective. They even set up a google listing and linked it to the website, which makes a big difference.

Customer Image


Board Member - NDPC

We were without a web presence for a long time and Powerful Web Design did a great job at getting us online without excessive expenses or fuss. The website is great and lots of new members have found us through it.



  • Fast australian hosting.
  • Fully managed by us.
  • Free website maintenance included.
  • Free content updates to website included.

Business Email

  • Choose your address
  • Use your domain name
  • Exchange Active Sync - push notifications
  • Spam protected
  • Calendar
  • Webmail access
  • Use on your phone and PC.

Web Design

  • Responsive design (mobile and desktops)
  • Custom designed website
  • 4 pages or 4 sections on a landing page
  • SEO optimised
  • Google analytics setup
  • Google search console submission.
  • Google my business setup

Domain Names

  • Register and secure your domain name for a fixed price for up to 5 years at a time.
  • Fully managed by us.
  • You can purchase multiple domain names for your website.
  • No expertise required!

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally two weeks at a minimum. As web design requires a lot of back and forwards communication between the designer and the client, the time taken is greatly influenced by how much information you can initially provide, and your availability to communicate. Plan on setting 10 minutes aside every day to respond to emails and answer design/content related questions.

In order to develop a website that truly meets your needs its very important that you can provide text and photos for the majority of the pages. As our websites are custom-made (we don't just hook up generic templates like some other 'web-designers' do!) its very important that we fully understand what we are working with and design for. We also want to make sure that we are providing you with a polished, ready to go product in the end. Likewise its also very important to have at least a draft of a logo, if that's something that you would want for your business.

Recent advances in video conferencing technologies like Zoom make it much easier for meeting to take place - all you have to do is click a link that will be emailed to you. We conduct our meetings over Zoom as its a common platform that Australian business use and it keeps everyone covid safe.

Yes! We source our images from leading stock photography agencies. We charge a low fixed fee per image and you are also provided with a copy of the images so that you can use them for social media posts and marketing.

Absolutely! Mobile friendly design is one of the factors that google looks for in determining which websites should come first in their listings. Therefore our websites are coded to work across all screen widths (from small mobile screens to large desktop monitors). The way in which content is displayed will change according to the screen width. This is called responsive design.

Yes! We provide a user friendly system for you to log into so that you can change the text and images on your website. Technical support is included in our prices. If you need small, infrequent updates we are happy to do them on your behalf.

We try to give general indications on our website as to the costs for a basic small-business package. After a free consultation we will send you a detailed quote to deliver a website which contains the functionality that you are after. Common factors which affect price are the number of pages, the amount of detail/elements in each page, functionalities including selling products and displaying data and interactive elements.

Commonly called landing pages and squeeze pages, one page websites are often the right choice for small businesses who are just starting out or don't have enough information for a large multi-page website. We have set this website up to showcase how you can include lots of different information effectively on one page. The advantages are that the user doesn't have to click on links to find what they are after and you can experience higher conversion rates as customers can contact you or sign up to your product without navigating to a new page.

Search Engine Optimisation is a very important consideration for your new website as the majority of traffic to your website will be from organic search engine traffic (people searching for your products or brands). In addition to structuring our code to be search engine friendly we check over your web site content and make suggestions on how to best structure it for search engine results. We submit your website to Google and Bing search engine consoles, and keep a close eye on how your search results are tracking.

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